Elevate your apartment complex by offering the ultimate amenity – a Trash Valet Service. Your residents will absolutely adore this exceptional perk, setting your property leagues ahead of the competition, all while boosting your bottom line. Get in touch with us today to learn how Bin Valets can enhance your tenant experience and take your complex to the next level.


Your Partner in Service

We're not just a typical trash valet service; we're your dedicated partners in delivering an exceptional living experience to your residents. Our unwavering commitment to treating each and every one of your tenants as if they were our only customer sets us apart. We pledge to provide our service to the highest standards, no matter the circumstances.

Additional Revenue for Complex

Consistent Pick-Up Times



Low-Cost to Tenants

How It Works

Trash Can Delivery

To kick things off, the service will begin by delivering a 13-gallon trash can to every apartment, accompanied by clear instructions on the designated days and times for trash can placement.

Place Cans For Collection

Residents simply secure their trash in the provided trash bag and deposit it into their designated can. Then position the can outside their door within the specified time frame

Trash Valet Time

Within the scheduled time window, our dedicated trash valet will arrive on the property, empty all the trash cans, replace them with new trash bags, and responsibly dispose of all used trash bags in the on-site dumpster.

How Much And How Do You Profit?

The cost of the service is subject to several variables. For instance, one apartment complex might pay $12 per month per unit. We would advise charging a fee of $25 per month per unit, as this covers costs and generates additional revenue for your business. Using this model, a complex with 100 units can generate an extra $15,600 in annual revenue.

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